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Recreational Program


Learn how to dance for the sheer fun of it! Our recreational program provides both performance and technique classes in the following disciplines: Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Breakin’, Acro, Tumbling, West African, Bollywood, Performance Fundamentals, Strength & Stretch and yoga.

Our performance classes focus on skills via two choreographed pieces for our December Recital and June Recital. Teen/Adult classes may vary–please confirm with the instructor.

Our technique classes address crucial technical aspects of each art form, which includes strength, flexibility, body awareness and placement. These technique classes also involve instruction in turning, jumping and leaping through across-the-floor exercises and center-floor combinations for jazz, ballet and Acro. With regards to tap, articulation and speed tend to be the main focus. Please note: Though our technique classes do not typically perform, we may receive requests to do so and will therefore accommodate based off a majority need. Please contact admin or the appropriate instructor to confirm.

Spring Registration 2018

Our Spring session will begin January 8 and end June 23.

Our June Recital dress rehearsal, as well as show, will be held at Bend Senior High School June 17. Times TBD. 

For a printable copy of our complete Spring schedule, download the following: Spring Schedule 2018. You may also select your discipline of choice from the sidebar on the left for a discipline-based schedule. When you register, you will also be able to print a personalized schedule of your classes from your account.

Registration/Payment Clarification

You must register for at least one class in order to create a customer account. You will then be able to access your account via the “Customer Portal” located at the top of our website. (Please note: When you register, you will be asked to plug in your credit/debit card information. Your card will NOT be charged at the time you enter in this information.) From your account, you may pay as soon as GDSC posts fees; however, for those who haven’t paid by the first or who prefer to have it automatically withdrawn, GDSC will routinely process payments the first of every month from September-June. Registrations after the first of the month will need to account for payment the day of enrollment. If you do not register during the early registration period for the Spring session (December 1-January 7, 2017), please account for a $10 registration fee, effective January 8.

Trial Week

When you register, you are given the option to trial the class/classes you’re enrolling in for the first week of each session (Fall and Spring only). GDSC offers the first class of any discipline for free the first week of each session and prorates for the rest of the month (September and January only). This a great option if you and/or your child are unsure about the discipline of choice. After the “trial week,” students who register as a “Trial” will need to pay the hourly drop-in rate of $13. Those who choose to commit after their trial, however, will be charged the monthly tuition rate (pro-rated depending on trial date). You can view tuition amounts here.

Please note: If a class does not meet the minimum requirement of 5 participants, the class may be cancelled. Any cancellations could impact the schedule. The same goes for expansions–a class may be expanded if we get more than enough enrollments (i.e., the combined Tap 3/Tap 4 class expanded out to two separate classes– Tap 3 and Tap 4), which could also impact the schedule.


If you are a current Fall session fam, your enrollment will automatically transfer to the Spring session. Please let admin know of any enrollment changes via email at Thank you!

Summer Registration 2018

Summer registration will open mid-to-late-May. We appreciate your patience!

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Spring 2018 schedule below.

Fall Registration 2018

Fall registration will open mid-to-late May. We appreciate your patience!

In the meantime, feel free to check out our Spring 2018 schedule below.