Studio Transportation

Green Cab to the Rescue!

An easy solution to a consistent conflict

We are so excited to be partnering with Green Cab! In an effort to solve the transportation problem that hard-working families seem to be encountering, we have reached out to Green Cab for some assistance.


If you are struggling getting your kiddo to class, Green Cab is here to help! For the 2018/19 dance year, our neighbor (literally located across the street) will be offering dance families transportation to and from GDSC Monday through Friday after school. For a flat rate of $3.25 per mile (must be a minimum of $10), you can get your child to and from dance during those hard-to-transport class hours.

To sign up, please provide your family’s contact/transportation information on the following document: Green Cab Sign-Up. Please include family name, parent name(s), parent email(s), parent cell(s), student name(s), student cell(s) if applicable, pick-up location, pick-up day(s), pick-up time(s), start date, end date and special request(s). All students 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

Please direct all transportation questions, requests and concerns to Green Cab via email at or phone at 541-725-4004.